Body lotion for firmer, more toned-looking skin.
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How to Use
Apply twice daily in a circular motion. Be sure to massage product into skin until it is fully absorbed. This product works best when you also exfoliate 2x a week.

Why we chose this...

Most of us think first about signs of aging that show up on our faces and neglect those that show up on our bodies. We think both matter and recognize that the skin on your face is fundamentally different than the skin on your body. Revision's Bodifirm is clinically formulated to target top aging concerns - over time, it will work to visibly firm and tighten crepey skin. It also provides excellent everyday moisture.
About Revision
Revision Skincare's products are created to deliver professional skincare results. The company's unique formulation philosophy leads the way by creating products that deliver powerful results. All of Revision's products are formulated to achieve healthy, beautiful skin and are validated by physicians.
About Revision

Common Questions

How is skin on the body different from skin on the face or neck?
Skin on the body is thicker and more dense than skin on the face or neck. But as we age, body skin (like facial and neck skin) thins, which leads to sagging, crepeiness and a loss of elasticity. Bodifirm specifically targets these concerns and helps strengthen the skin.