UV Restore Broad Spectrum SPF 40


100% mineral sunscreen formulated to protect and improve sun-damaged skin.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Sensitive Skin

UV Restore Broad Spectrum SPF 40

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Product Information

Who This Is For
This mineral sunscreen is an excellent daily sunscreen. It is very gentle and well suited if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. It is best suited for lighter skin tones. For darker skin tones, we recommend Elta's UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46.
Skin Types
Suitable for all skin types.
How to Use
Liberally massage across face following morning skincare routine. Make sure to apply at least 15 minutes before sun exposure and, ideally, reapply every 2-3 hours.
Ingredient Highlights
Zinc Oxide: A natural mineral compound that reflects and scatters UVA and UVB rays.

Saccharide Isomerate: Minimizes the appearance of dark spots, soothes irritated skin.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E: Combat skin-aging free radicals associated with ultraviolet (UV) and infrared radiations (IR).

Why we chose this...

We looked for a mineral sunscreen that was effective, but didn't leave a white cast or chalky feel. Elta MD's UV Broad Spectrum SPF 40 fits this bill. It's chock full of active ingredients like 15.0% zinc oxide and 2.0% titanium dioxide, that protect against UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays Bonus: it also has a great texture and finish - which most mineral sunscreens do not. SPF is our number one skin anti-aging recommendation and UV Broad Spectrum SPF 40 is perfect if you have sensitive skin or are looking for a mineral sunscreen.
About EltaMD
EltaMD is the number one trusted and recommended sunscreen by Dermatologists in the US. EltaMD's suncare products are formulated for every skin type, lifestyle and condition to protect, renew, and heal.
About EltaMD

Common Questions

What does "broad-spectrum" mean?
The broad-spectrum test measures a product’s ultraviolet A (UVA) protection relative to its ultraviolet B (UVB) protection. Sunscreens that pass this test may be labeled as “Broad-Spectrum SPF” on the front of their label. For broad-spectrum sunscreens, SPF numerical values also indicate the amount of overall protection. Only broad-spectrum sunscreens with an SPF value of 15 or higher can claim to reduce the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging if used as directed with other sun protection measures.
What is the difference between Chemical Sunscreen and Mineral Sunscreen?
Chemical sunscreens (like UV Clear Broad Spectrum SPF 46) use chemical filters that help protect your skin from UVA & UVB rays. Chemical sunscreens contain ingredients that absorb these rays before they reach your skin.

Mineral sunscreens (like UV Restore Broad Spectrum SPF 40) physically block UVA & UBA rays instead of absorbing them. Common ingredients in mineral sunscreens are titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Mineral sunscreen tends to be better for sensitive skin, but is not well suited for those with a darker skin tone.
Is this product tested on animals?
EltaMD does not test any of its products or any of its ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world, nor does EltaMD delegate this task to others.