vFit Gold


An at-home device for promoting pelvic floor muscle tone and increased sexual sensation.

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vFit Gold

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Product Information

Who It's For
Women experiencing vaginal dryness and weak pelvic floor muscles. This is most effective when combined with Modern Age’s Intravaginal Radiofrequency treatment series.
How to Use
The vFit Gold should be used every other day for 4 weeks. Each session ranges from 10-12 minutes long.

Why we chose this...

Joylux’s vFit Gold is our choice for an at home device to target pelvic floor muscle tone and sexual function. It is OB-Gyn designed and pairs red light therapy with gentle thermal energy to stimulate blood flow and improve hydration and sensation. We recommend women use this after completing Intravaginal Radiofrequency treatments. It will help prolong the effects of in studio treatments and can continue to promote lubrication and increased sensation.
About Joylux
Joylux was developed to help women access solutions to address menopausal and childbirth related concerns and symptoms. Joylux is at the forefront of creating high tech tools and products to help improve all aspects of women’s intimate lives.
About Joylux

Common Questions

What is red light energy and how does it help sexual wellness?
vFit Lux has 6 sources of red light energy and is powered by UV free red lights (LEDs) that transmit wavelengths of light to shine brightly and effectively stimulate skin. Red Light Therapy is used overall to stimulate your body’s normal healing response.
How does vFit Lux use Thermal Energy?
vFit Lux gently warms the vaginal tissues, which in turn encourages blood flow. Ultimately, this helps your tissue provide more natural lubrication and minimizes dryness symptoms.