High-quality creatine for better athletic & brain performance.

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Product Information

Who It's For
Creatine is for anyone looking to support muscle performance, cognitive function and cellular energy production.
How to Use
Mix 1 scoop of powder with at least 8 ounces of liquid daily.
Servings per Use
90 scoops
Good to Know
Ideally used 30-90 minutes before or after exercise.

Why we chose this...

Creatine can help support the athlete in all of us. It's a well studied supplement that supports you feeling your best by promoting muscle strength and lean body mass. Thorne's Creatine is a highly researched, micronized (aka highly broken down) form of creatine that supports your body's production of cellular energy.
About Thorne
Thorne aims to deliver personalized, scientific wellness via supplements that can have an impact on longevity and create happier and healthier lives. Each supplement that Thorne formulates is derived from extensive clinical research that substantiates the presence of each ingredient in each formula. Thorne has world class scientific collaborations with research organizations such as the Mayo Clinic & John Hopkins University.
About Thorne

Common Questions

What exactly is Creatine?
Creatine is an amino acid found mostly in your muscles and in the brain. It’s naturally produced in the body, but it's also found in foods like meats, eggs, and fish.
Is Creatine safe?
Yes, Creatine is safe. There are a lot of misconceptions about Creatine, but there is no evidence that it causes muscle tears, harms the kidneys, causes dehydration or other common misconceptions.
Does Creatine have any negative side effects?
Creatine can occasionally cause stomach cramps if you take too much (10 grams or more) at once and do not drink enough water. Some people can experience slight nausea when they first begin using Creatine.
Is Creatine FDA approved?
The FDA regulates prescription and over-the-counter drugs, not dietary supplements. Any statements made have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Does Creatine cause weight gain?
No. Creatine increases the rate of muscle protein synthesis and gives you the energy to work harder in your workouts, so it can create lean muscle tissue and can help you lose fat.