Photonic Gel


An OB-Gyn designed personal lubricant.

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Photonic Gel

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Product Information

Who It's For
Photonic Gel serves two purposes: it is a great lubricant for any sexual contact, and it also can be paired with the vFit Gold for easier use of the device.
How to Use
Use as needed to supplement your natural level of lubrication. Reapply as desired.

Why we chose this...

Joylux’s Photonic Gel is an OB-Gyn designed lubricant for all types of intimacy and use of the vFit Gold. It is pH-balanced for vaginal use and contains only safe and clean ingredients, including hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. It is free of parabens and synthetics.
About Joylux
Joylux was developed to help women access solutions to address menopausal and childbirth related concerns and symptoms. Joylux is at the forefront of creating high tech tools and products to help improve all aspects of women’s intimate lives.
About Joylux